10 Sensible Tips to Keep You Focused on Your Weight Loss Goals

When you first started your weight loss journey, you were most likely pretty pumped about achieving your weight loss goals.

Then a month or two goes by and you may be ready to throw in the towel… losing your motivation can make it difficult to continue towards your desired results.

Remember this: You didn’t gain weight over night, so don’t expect to lose it over night…


10 Tips to Help You Stay Focused on Your Weight Loss Goals

10 Proven Tips to Keep You Focused & Motivated for Your Weight Loss Goals

1. Make Sure You Are Doing it for the Right Reasons – Have a Clear Goal

Do you know your Why? Your purpose, your cause, the belief or goal that inspires you?

WHY do you want to lose weight?

  • Is it for better health?
  • Could it be that your weight is life-threatening and you want to be around for your kids?

Make sure you know your WHY… this should be an extremely important reason that you are on the journey to lose weight!

Looking and feeling better is definitely a confidence booster, but when you look at the viewpoint of it being a major health issue, or something that will allow you to spend more time with your family or friends, it can make it much easier to stick to it.

Realizing the positive impact that your weight loss can improve your life is crucial to accomplishing your goals.

2. Go Public with Your Weight Loss Goals

Going public is a great way to help keep yourself accountable on your journey to losing weight. Letting your friends and family know what your are wanting to do will give you a great support network while on your journey.

If you come across a day that seems to be a struggle, you can look back and realize that just because this day is more difficult than others before, you have made it this far and can continue towards your goals.

If you would rather not go public with your goals, tell a few supportive friends what you’re wanting to accomplish, then keep a personal diary of what you are doing each and every day to get you closer to your goal.

3. Visualize your Weight Loss Success

Your mind is a powerful tool… use it to your advantage. Visualize yourself healthier and in better shape. This will be a driving force that will help keep you going all day.

The key is to make your visualization as realistic as possible. I’m sure you would love to have the perfectly sculpted body but, in many cases, that is not realistic. Visualize yourself as what you would like to become, and what you realistically can become.

4. Step it Up and Create a Plan of Action

Action is the KEY! Weight loss is not going to happen by going to the gym a few days a week or just attempting to eat better. You will need a step-by-step plan if you are going to take this seriously.

Document what your realistic plan is going to be… let’s say you know that you can make it to the gym 4 to 5 days a week – and, you can realistically commit to doing the following exercises… put it down on paper and hang it on your fridge or wherever you can see it daily.

As for your nutrition and eating better… identify as closely as possible what you will eat on a daily basis. When you map out what you are going to consume over the next few days or week, it will make it much easier to stick to it.

5. Enjoy Your Workout

Working out may not be appealing to many of you, so make it something that you will be looking forward to… do something special for yourself.

It’s the little things that matter – Example: Create a playlist of your favorite tunes, then only listen to these songs while you are at the gym. Treat yourself to your favorite sports drink, but make sure you save it for working out in the gym.

6. Celebrate the Small Victories

If your goal is to lose 20 pounds over the next few months, celebrate any small victory along the way. Since your goal is spread out over a few months, make sure to recognize the small victories that come along.

Example: Lets say by the end of the week you lost a total of 5 pounds or you went down 1 pant size, celebrate.

7. Be Willing to Adjust Your Plan

Trying to stick to a strict plan of action over the course of a few months can be a daunting task. You may even realize that in order to meet your goal, you may need to add an additional day at the gym.

You might just need to make a minor adjustment to your workout routine, or your diet might possibly need a tweak.

For example… let’s say you are one of our Body by ViSalus customers that loves our gluten-free meal replacement Vi-Shakes for lunch, but you find yourself eating additional, unhealthy snacks to fill your craving.

Maybe you should try and switch it up and have your Vi-Shake for breakfast, then have a healthy meal for lunch.

You don’t have to have such a set-in-stone, plan of action for you to keep on track to your weight loss goals… things do happen in life and you need to be willing to adapt to changes to help keep you on pace during your weight loss journey.

8. Take it One Day at a Time

Weight loss is not a sprint, it is a marathon. Patience is key… remember what I said in the first few sentences, “You didn’t gain weight over night, so don’t expect to lose it over night.

Just remember… each day that you follow your plan of action, you are 1 day closer to the results that you want. Learn from your daily experiences and make the next day a better day… It’s all about progressing each and every day.

9. Utilize Your Support System – Workout with Friends

Utilize Your Support System - Workout with Friends

Your friends and family have always been there in your time of need, so why wouldn’t they be there for you during your weight loss journey?

There are many times that people feel that they need to do it on their own, but in reality, people that have the greatest success will often attribute it to their outstanding support system.

If you are having a bad day, don’t be afraid to talk with a friend or family member about what you are going through… you can even go as far as asking for suggestions for ways to improve your issues.

10. Set Your Focus on More than Just Physical Changes

Even though weight loss is the ultimate goal here, don’t forget about the mental changes that come alone with it.

People that lose weight have a glow about them, a confidence boost… they often feel better about themselves in general.

Once you’ve hit your weight loss goal, make sure to reward yourself big… buy yourself that new outfit that you’ve been longing for… not only will you be feeling like a million bucks, but you will be looking amazing too.

Remember: Mental improvements can be just as satisfying as physical improvements – DON’T EVER FORGET THAT!

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