Does Body by Vi Work? 40lbs Lost and at 5% BMI on the Body by Vi 90 Day Challenge – Challenger Randy Mac

The Vi 90 Day Challenge helped Randy Mac stay accountable along his fitness journey while building muscle and losing weight simultaneously. Here is Randy’s story in his own words…

Randy Mac’s Amazing Body by Vi Transformation

“My journey has been incredible! I started the Challenge with two shakes a day at breakfast and lunch and lost 14lbs in 14 days! At the end of 90 days I had lost 40lbs and was at 5% BMI. My goal became 3.5% BMI. At the end of 120 days, I was down 52lbs and at my goal!”

Body by Vi 90 Day Challenge Success Stories | Randy Mac

“I now feel like I can accomplish anything I want to! Greatest feeling ever! My biggest surprise was actually building muscle while I was losing weight. I’m hooked on ViSalus!

I’ve had a lot of people ask me about what motivated me to lose weight. Well it started out with a simple conversation with my daughter and me teasing her about having kids one day. She told me she wasn’t even going to consider that until she was at least thirty! I laughed and said good.

A few days later I was thinking about what she said and and realized that would put me at sixty before I ever had a grandchild and with my present health I may not make it to sixty. I not only want to watch them grow up but be an important influence on their lives.

They need me to be around and teach them!

I was overweight, with high blood pressure, thyroid that barely worked, have had to knee surgeries, two hernia surgeries, severe shoulder and nerve damage in my neck from an accident, out of shape, out of breath, and out of time!

I had to turn things around but how? Couldn’t run because of knees, every time I tried lifting weights I would quit because of the pain in my neck, and my doctor had told me to never again to attempt crunches or I would pull the mesh lose in my abdomen.

Now I had some knowledge of Nutrition and I knew that 80% of what you feel and look like is determined by what you put in your mouth and I knew what I should eat but my problem was that, because of my job I was gone from home 16 hrs a day. I barely had time to have clean clothes to wear to work.

So I started researching meal replacements and I started walking at lunch. And in 2 1/2 months lost 10lbs. By trying to watch what I ate and walking.

Then I was asked by two friends to check out Visalus and am I glad I did! I researched it to death!

A lot of people just see ingredients on the back label which is required by FDA. You have to dig deeper with Nutrition. I liked what I found placed my order and lost 14lbs in the first 14 days, over 40lbs in 90 days and was right at 5% BMI.

First 14 days I continued my walking at lunch and had two Visalus shakes. After 14 days I started feeling good and had tons of energy so I thought I would try the gym. First day done very little barely sore the next day. Next week I worked out twice, 30 MIN each time and continued that through my 90 day challenge.

After my 90 days I started working out 3 times a week for 1 hour and that’s what I still do now!

3 hours exercise, 24/7 nutrition! It’s amazing how your body is capable of healing its self when you give it everything it needs to do so. I hear people tell me all the time that they just don’t have time to lose weight or they don’t have time to build their own business. I don’t make excuses I just make results!

This is Randy Mac… I’m 47 years old, I’ve lost 56 lbs and built 15 lbs of lean muscle! If I can do it anyone can! So get off your couch, hide your remote, clean out your fridge, get your transformation on and go out their and help anyone and everyone you can, to do the same!”

Randy set personal fitness goals for himself and worked until he saw results. Thanks for sharing your story with us, Randy!


Never, Never, Never, Give Up on your dreams to do great things!

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Challenge goals can be (or include) weight loss, building lean muscle or improving energy and endurance. Every participant should consider his or her personal circumstances and create goals that are both reasonable and achievable. ViSalus discourages rapid and extreme weight loss, which can actually be unhealthy and emphasizes that safe and sustainable weight loss is never achieved without exercise and sensible eating. Persons with preexisting medical conditions should consult a healthcare professional before embarking on any fitness, health or weight-loss program.


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