Lose 10 Pounds to Win $1000 Bucks Body by Vi Project 10 Winners for the Week of 05-06-13

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Body by Vi Challenge Project 10 Weekly Winners

May 5th, 2013 Body by Vi Challenge Project 10 Winners!

Each and every week in 2014, ViSalus will be giving out $10,000 to be divided between ten people who lose 10 pounds! PLUS ViSalus will give a Free “i LOST it” T-shirt for everyone who loses 10 lbs.

These 10 People Set a Goal to Lose 10 or more Pounds on their Body by Vi Challenge and Achieved it to Win $1000 Each!

You can too… watch the video for details!

Congratulations to ALL of our Project 10 Champions… go out and celebrate your victory!

Body by Vi Project 10 Challenge Winners - May 5th 2013

If you would like additional information about Project 10, visit our Project 10 Explained page.

You too could be the next Body by Vi Project 10 Challenge Winner to WIN $1000! Order Your Body by Vi Challenge kit Today!

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