Why Losing 10 Pounds is the NEWest Craze!

Why Losing 10 Pounds Could Save Your Life!

Did you know that losing just 10 pounds of excess fat can make a huge difference? It can actually save your life!

The ‘NEW’ Body by Vi Project 10 Weight Loss Challenge

What exactly is Project 10? After studying millions of successful weight loss transformations, the founders of ViSalus discovered that the secret to having weight loss success begins with the losing of the first 10 pounds.

Losing those first 10 pounds can help you look better, feel better and feel inspired to be a better person as a whole! Plus, you’re more likely to achieve your ultimate weight loss Challenge goals, even if you want to lose more than 10 pounds.

So, every week in 2013, ViSalus will be awarding a total of $10,000 to 10 people who lose 10 pounds. Not only that, but your first 10 pounds of weight loss can also win you a free “i LOST It” t-shirt.

Lose Ten Pounds Can Equal 1 Dress Size!

The Birth of Body by Vi Project 10

“For the first time in the history of the world there are more overweight people than there are malnourished people”, says Nick Sarnicola – one of the Co-Founders of ViSalus.

With 232 million people in North America (67%) who are overweight or obese, this grossly, out of control, epidemic inspired the birth of Project 10 which is the latest ViSalus mission.

ViSalus is commonly known for its ‘Body by Vi 90 Day Challenge‘, which helped guide this program to the number 2 position, right behind Weight Watchers, with the second largest weight-loss product sales of the leading weight loss programs available World wide.

One of the reasons for ViSalus’ rapidly growing success since the beginning of the year 2013, was the latest inception known as the ‘Project 10’ program. In 2013, ViSalus hit a record volume of 10,000 new Body by Vi Challengers in the first 5 days.

Congratulations to Very First Project 10 Weekly Winners!

These People Lost 10 Pounds on their Body by Vi 90 Day Challenge and Won $1000 Each!

Watch the video for details!

Follow the link for MORE motivational project 10 winners and their individual weight loss success videos.

Besides the money motivation for the possibility of being one of the winners of the $1000.00 prize for losing just 10 pounds with Project 10, ViSalus has also created something unique which was to create a support structure with friends and family to help inspire people to lose weight (studies show that the best way to achieve your weight-loss goal is by doing it with friends or family). ViSalus is also rocketing their success by utilizing the social media venues to get the word out about this new Challenge.

I am so excited to be a part of a program that will help reduce the overweight and obesity epidemic. This is something FRESH and NEW… it puts to use all of the tools of the electronics age, aiding in the increase of its overall mission.

Let’s bring to light what we know works… I have always called it Baby Steps. First of all, create a plan and a goal for yourself (every Challenge begins with a personal goal). Weight loss is a big step and a workable program needs to be in place for it to work.

Secondly… find a support network. The odds of maintaining your weight loss goes up to 66%… versus 24% if you enroll in a program alone.

Third… make it public which is what ViSalus encourages. Tell your family and friends what you are doing… use the social venues set in place like Facebook, Twitter or any other means of receiving support and encouragement. Doing this will also add accountability for your journey to your weight loss goals.

If you have a substantial amount of weight to lose, the first 10 pounds will be the easiest, which will give you motivation to press on for the second 10 pounds, etc.

Body by Vi Challenge – Project 10 Final Thoughts

ViSalus is setting records in business, it has a long track record for millions of pounds lost, has a quality product with amazing health benefits, plus there are a countless number of people losing weight bringing the obesity records in-check.

This company has done a stellar job of hitting all of the motivating factors on the head. If you have the desire, there is money to be made for Promoting the Challenge with others.

ViSalus is SO confident that their product works that they have established a 90 Day Money Back Results Guarantee… what do you have to lose, but weight!

This is YOUR Moment… Start your Challenge Today!

The END!

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