101 Lbs. Lost from Size 20 to Size 0 – Body by Vi Success Story Raven Nicholson

It wasn’t long ago that Raven Nicholson, at age 32, was wearing a size 20 and afraid of failing at yet another weight-loss attempt.

As a busy single mother of 3 young children and a full-time teacher, it took Raven’s brother and sister over a year to convince her to take on the Body by Vi PROJECT 10™ Challenge.

Once she agreed there was no looking back.

Raven Nicholson – Body by Vi Weight Loss Transformation!

“I was very skeptical when I began this journey to lose my first 10 lbs! I’ve always been overweight; nothing had worked for me and I didn’t want to fail again.

I got started and LOST 10 lbs in 10 days! I’ve now lost 101 lbs and went from a size 20 to a size 0!

I have more confidence now than I ever have my whole life. I am so thankful for Vi and how it has given me my life back.”

Body by Vi 90 Day Challenge Success Stories | Raven Nicholson

Raven put all her focus into losing 10 lbs. at a time with the Transformation Kit.

She didn’t hesitate leaning on her “ViSalus family” for support, saying, “The ViSalus culture is one of the MOST amazing supportive groups I have EVER experienced!”

Raven lost over 100 lbs. and an incredible 78 inches, going from a size 20 to a size 0. Currently, her PROJECT 10 goal is to build 10 lbs. of lean muscle using the Fit Kit.

We’re confident we will see her strutting an “i BUILT it.” shirt at the next event!


If you have 5 or more pounds to lose, and are ready to be part of the ViSalus family and create your own story, there are two Challenge kits designed to accomplish weight loss goals like Raven’s!

Both of these Body by Vi Challenge kits are created for amazing weight loss results!

Body by Vi Transformation Kit for 20 to 100+ lbs. of Weight Loss!

The fastest way to lose unwanted weight is with the Body by Vi Transformation Kit. This kit was created for those people that have a goal of 20 to 100+ pounds of weight to lose. Read More

Body by Vi Shape Kit for Weight Loss!

Our most popular choice is the Body by Vi Shape kit. This Shape kit gives you 2 delicious nutritional meal replacement shakes each day and is designed for those who would like to lose 5 to 20 pounds. Read More

The Body by Vi Challenge Fit kit is designed to increase muscle mass!

The Body by Vi Fit Kit for Athletic Performance!

The Body by Vi Challenge “Fit” Kit is great for athletes, body builders and those that lead active lifestyles. It gives you 2 large pouches (60 servings) of the Vi-Shape™ Nutritional Shake mix, so that you can have a shake meal (blended with milk and fruit) and another as an after work out snack mixed in water.

The Fit kit is best used to build lean muscle or maintain weight. Read More

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Challenge goals can be (or include) weight loss, building lean muscle or improving energy and endurance. Every participant should consider his or her personal circumstances and create goals that are both reasonable and achievable. ViSalus discourages rapid and extreme weight loss, which can actually be unhealthy and emphasizes that safe and sustainable weight loss is never achieved without exercise and sensible eating. Persons with preexisting medical conditions should consult a healthcare professional before embarking on any fitness, health or weight-loss program.


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