At 307 lbs & 40+% Body FAT – SHE LOST 126 lbs to Save Her Life – Body by Vi Success Story – Amber Melendez

Body by Vi Success Stories- by Amber Melendez

This is Amber Melendez please read her story…

“Jan 20 was an important day in my weight loss journey. I left work around noonish with so many thoughts in my head. “This appointment is going to be quick. Why don’t I just cancel I don’t need to go anyways, I don’t like my Dr., She’s mean” all those thoughts ran through my head.

I sat in the waiting room for what seemed to be hours but really was only 45 minutes, I heard my name called. My heart started to beat crazy because I knew I had an issue, I knew I need to change, & I knew only I could make it happen. They checked my blood pressure, heard the nurse whisper “oh my goodness”, pricked my finger to check my blood sugar and the results weren’t good, checked my heartbeat, & then left.

Then here comes my Dr. 15 minutes later saying the words that I never ever want anyone to have to hear in their life at such a young age.

“Amber, you are going to die” I maintained my composure because I didn’t want to cry right there & looked at her a bit confused and said “huh?” She said lets get on the scale, so I did & there it said 307 lbs my heart sank, not only that I was more than 40% body fat at least 49. I literally had nothing else to say other than thank you for your time, God will decide what’s next not you.

As I approached the elevator the tears came because I knew my choices were the reason I was in this situation. Every drive thru meal that was out of pure convenience, every Chinese order, every single time I chose a burger over a salad, was the exact reason I was in this situation.

I sat in my car & cried & cried for God to save me. And then I heard this “Amber, follow me & I will show you great things. I’m getting ready to do big things in your life , things you can’t imagine & all I need is you to let go and trust me.”

Body by Vi Success Story Amber Melendez

A year later I am happy to say, I am NOT dead like the Dr.’s thought I would be, I am in the best shape ever , 126 lbs down, & I can’t say thank you enough to Visalus for creating a product that promotes a healthy lifestyle.

Today I ask you to evaluate your health. Can you play with your kids without getting out of breath? Do you still get angry while shopping because the plus size never has anything? Are you happy with how you look? If the answer is no please change it, that is all I ask. Your health is so extremely important and without that you have absolutely nothing.”

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