From 430 lbs – Down 78 lbs & 35 Inches – Off 7 Prescription Meds – Body by Vi Success Story – Bryan Lautt

Body by Vi Success Stories – by Bryan Lautt

Here’s my journey to better health.

“I started this Journey 5 months ago in the beginning of October 2012. I have been watching my own Mother on this product for a few weeks. I am very skeptical about any product that says you can lose weight with it.

After seeing my mother losing weight and taking charge of her life by eating healthier and drinking the 2 shakes a day. I begin to think to myself, well I could do that especially if I didn’t have to work out! Working out for me was something I always dreaded doing.

My own health wasn’t very good inside and out. Doctors have classified me as having a metabolic syndrome. My A1C (Hemoglobin test for diabetes) was running 11.0, sugars were never controlled, a lot of it was my choice and the way I was eating candy all the time. I was ready to die when ever God was ready for me.

I have always been overweight all my life it seems. I know what it feels like to have people look at you in a discussed way. I never liked the way I looked like in the mirror, but I know if I just cut back my food intake I could lose some weight. I loved food too much to give up my favorites.

My food addiction was a lot stronger after I quit smoking 7 years ago. I went from smoking a pack a day to eating all the time. My heaviest was around 430 LBS at one time in my life. I finally decided I had enough of the way I looked like and was really wanting to change my appearance and my health.

I then told my mom I think I will talk to my sister (Tammy Clary) about it, but I want to wait until after the 1st of Jan before I start. The reason was because I wanted to eat all my favorite foods during the holidays just one more time.

At the end of October I went to visit my parents and Tammy was going to come up there too and just give me a little information about it. We talked for a while. I understood the concept of replacing the money for the shakes as part of your food bill. Tammy was pretty persistent and asking me why do I want to wait and why not just start now. She has believed in me losing weight so much that she gave me product to get me started.

I was like OK, let’s start doing this. Within the first week I was off my blood pressure pills already and one of my diabetes medication. I am jumping around the house and feeling so much more energy. It’s like my body came to life and was thanking me.

Body by Vi Success Story Bryan Lautt

At the end of my 1st 90 day challenge I was pretty much off 6 medications of mine. I had my Doctor appointment right after that and we did blood work and he weighed me and he was like wow looks like you lost some weight! The last time I weighed in I was at 370 LBS and now they just weighed me in at 314 LBS. My blood pressure was great, my A1C has come down to 6.8 all in 3 months.

I was excited to hear some good results from my doctor for the first time in a really long time. This really gave me the fire to keep going. 2 months into my 2nd 90 day challenge I am down to 292 with a total loss of 78 LBS and 35 Inches!

I have been working out at Anytime Fitness center since December 2012 and just recently increased my workout days to 6 days a week about a month ago.

I appreciate all the advice and help I have received with the Vi community, especially my Mom and my Sister Tammy!! A special thank you goes out to Dr. Dustin Craft for his workout regimen that he has shared with me to help me get in the best shape of my life.”

Bryan Lautt

What an Amazing Body by ViSalus Success Story

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