Abusive Alcoholic Husband – 94 lbs DOWN & Increased Self Confidence – Della Dailey’s Body by Vi Success Story

Another Body by Vi success story with the 90 Day Challenge and almost 100lbs down! Thanks you so much for sharing Della. You look incredible!

A Body by Vi Successful Transformation by Della Dailey

“My name is Della Dailey. I started Visalus in August 2012. At that time I was in a very unhealthy relationship with my husband of 26 years. My husband is an alcoholic and at times was verbally abusive. I was tired of being told I was worthless and would never be successful at anything I attempted because I never followed through with anything. My self confidence had reached an all time low and I was more determined than ever to succeed with my 90 day challenge. I had set some pretty high goals for myself at the time with my first goal being to lose over 100 lbs, my second goal was to regain my self confidence and then finally my third goal was to get out of this situation I was in.

Body by Vi Success Story by Della Dailey

I lost over 40 lbs on my first 90 day challenge and with the weight loss my confidence level was increasing. I was working a full time job at the time and decided that if I was ever going to get the courage to leave I better make sure I had some extra income coming in so I decided to become a promoter in November. I found that it was very easy to promote something that you are very passionate about because you know it works. With the support of my friends, family and my new Vi-Family I have almost achieved the 3 goals I set out to. I have lost 94 lbs, have my self confidence back and have been out on my own for a month now. I have overcome my obstacles with my determination and commitment and there is no stopping me now. I am more determined now than ever to be successful at everything I do. Look out century club because Della Dailey is coming for you.” 🙂

Another Amazing Body by ViSalus Success Story

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