75 lbs DOWN Feeling Better Than EVER – From Size 26 to Size 16 – Donna Pitcher’s Body by Vi Success Story

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Yet another incredible ViSalus and the Body By Vi 90 Day Challenge success story! Thank you Donna Pitcher for sharing it with all of us! Go Donna GO!

Body by Vi Success Stories- by Donna Pitcher

“It is never too late to start changing your life for the better whether it be losing weight, maintaining or building lean muscle, a road to better health is not an option anymore it is a requirement. I started shaking things up with Visalus in January of 2012. Although I was probably the most reluctant customer and by the way Promoter as I signed up for that as well to keep myself accountable. I figured heck if this stuff works I would be in a win win situation no matter what way I look at things. For me the financial part of this venture was not as important as losing the weight and losing of whole lot of it!

My goal was to lose “100” pounds………I thought to myself I must be losing my mind if I think that I could ever accomplish that kind of goal!

Well as the fist week or two went by I noticed a huge increase in my energy level and I even lost a few pounds. I started taking this a bit more serious, as I just loved the taste of the shake. An I admit that I am a “naked” shaker…….come on now not “Naked” as Naked” I mean I just love it with my milk!

Body by Vi Success Story by Donna Pitcher

My habits over the last 30 years or so have been awful, no breakfast, no lunch just lots of coffee. I did eat dinner but my real problem was eating at night and I can say eating not so healthy things like….chips/dip….peanut butter sandwiches etc. I was just in a mess with both mind body and soul!

Well I can proudly say that after a year I am now down “75” pounds and feel better than I have my whole life. I have gone from a size 26 to a size 16 and I still can’t believe sometimes what I have done.

My focus now is to lose “25” more pounds and reach my ultimate goal. To continue to help and share my success with others and reassure them that they can do this as well!”

Happy shaking and to “~Better Health~.”

Another Amazing Body by ViSalus Success Story

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