87 lbs LOST – Three 5K Runs Complete – Body by Vi Success Story with Japanica Hunter

Grab yourself a drink and some popcorn, cause it’s a long one!

This girl Japanica ROCKS! Three 5k runs now to this day. Working on her 4th and down a total of 87lbs and many inches. Check out her amazing weight loss success story with the Challenge…

Body by Vi Weight Loss Success Story by Japanic Hunter

“I Joined The challenge on Aug 1, 2012 started on the transformation kit on Aug 5, 2012. I just wanted to start off with a 30 lb goal nothing too big so I wouldn’t disappoint myself and shoot my confidence in the fat.

At the end of my 1st 90 day challenge on November 3rd I weighed in and I ended up losing a total of 63 lbs 27 inches and …(yes I know right, drop the mic & run off the stage), So I took it a step further.

I was sharing my results down at the beach during kickball and I kept seeing a bunch of people running, running and kept running. I stopped and finally asked someone what all the running about, the guy David stated they was training for a half marathon & after speaking to him about the challenge, he stated it didn’t seem to interest him but I still manage to get some info and follow up with him.

So, he then suggested to me to check out the 5k, I had no intentions of running no where, but then 2 weeks later I saw more people running so I did a little homework on YouTube University (Youtube.com) & found some really excited people about running.

I watched videos about different 5k runs until about 2am, I was filled with excitement because it looked like they were just having a ball, so November 9, 2012 I joggled 5k runs in Jacksonville the next “cool” run that was coming up was The Color In Motion 5K in Dec. So I put a blast on Facebook and inbox a couple of “my top friends” like hey I need you guys to join me in my 1st 5k run.

Throughout that first week about 4 people out of 12 hit me back and was like yea okay we are ready lets go …blah blah blah, then I sent another invite to 5 different people 2 people replied. So that was fine I had 6 people join me was a pretty cool start off.

I was super excited. I touched base with those 6 people on the first week of Dec so everyone can get registered. 2 people responded. I just keep it moving. The week of the run I didn’t hear back from anyone but my joy and excitement out weight the weak minded people, so I still sign up and I was going to just do it scared.

Body by Vi Weight Loss Success Story by Japanica Hunter

Then night before I was so excited I did not go to bed until 1am, then I received a phone call that one of my great friends had just wrecked her car on behalf of her being a victim of drunk driving and ran into a old police sub station in downtown Jacksonville and wrecking her girlfriends car.

So when I arrived on the scene we end up spending 2hrs pulling the car out of the fence before calling the tow truck and it started raining, more and more went on through the early morning and I finally got back to the house to shower up and I ended up walking in the door @ 7:12am and the 5k run started @ 9am and it was 40mins away from my house.

I just wanted to call it quits but I couldn’t because I had to much adrenaline in me. I posted on Facebook that I preparing for my 1st every 5k race and I’m doing it scared while leaving the house at 7:30 am.

I then received a phone call from my Up line, National Director and Mentor Nate Scott asking me “who is doing the run with you, I started to tell him details and he stated, “No who is doing the run with you, I stated No one “then he asked me for details about is it to late to registered and get in”, I told him I didn’t know.

I arrive at 8:20am got registered and, then I prepared to get lined up for the next wave. I then received another phone call from Nate Scott @ 8:55am asking me were was I, I told him I was getting ready to go through the next wave, he told me to hold on he was parking.

I was speechless for real, I backed out of line, turned around and I saw Nate putting on his color in motion gear and walking towards me. I wanted to shed a tear but I couldn’t because he is a military man so all I did was smiled and gave him the best hug. I knew I had something great indeed. A George Washington financial adviser graduate, ex military guy Named Nate Scott.

I would of never thought he would become involved in anything dealing with colors and paint throwing, (but never judge a book by its cover huh). Preparing for the wave to be dismissed my intentions was to walk majority and run a small bit…lol.

Race started, 5 minutes into the run I walked, then I was challenge to start off by focusing on certain objects and run until I reached there. Then the distance challenge became longer and longer and the walks became shorter while learning and practicing the military march and breathing exercises to help me out.

Along the way we ended up having people join us because they to didn’t have the drive and motivation to challenge themselves so they joined the military march with Nate and I, so I had to really push it, I kept cramping up in my arms and foot but I was being taught to breath and focus and that was something I took for granted.

As we approached and came closer to the finish I thought I was going to walk it out… (Yea right), One question Nate asked me was Did I trust him & I didn’t have no reason not to, he has brought me this far with out judgment, I responded yes, so then he said “grab on to me and take my arm we are going in none stop” and it must have been a little over a mile to the finish line.

I was like ham sandwich no, then the crowd behind me began cheering and praising me so I kicked and shook off the bad vibes and took ahold of Nate’s arm and I pushed my way through the finish like with the Help of Nate Scott and others.

That was the best high I’ve felt on Dec 29, 2012. I am excited to say that I have currently completed three 5k runs now to this day and working on my 4th. I am down a total of 87lbs and many inches and I feel awesome. Starting on my 3rd Challenge to gain Lean Muscles, l have been chosen to get personal fitness training to help build my lean muscles. I am on a mission to eradicate obesity through the 90 day Challenge and fight with others who aren’t willing to fight for themselves! Thanks for letting me share my story… lol even though its about 5 minutes long. Thank you Thank You.”

Japanica Hunter

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What an inspiring story from Japanica…

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