You Can Choose to Succeed – Or You Can Choose to Drift – Body by Vi Success Story & 100+lb. Club Member Jonathan Robinson

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Jonathan Robinson – Weight Loss Transformation Using Body by ViSalus!

“I started the Challenge because I wanted better for myself. I got tired of being uncomfortable with myself. I was embarrassed of who I had become. What motivated me the most was my ViFamily and everyone’s support and encouragement. I feed off their energy and they push me to be better and to inspire others who are going through the things I went through being over 500lbs. What I have learned the most from the Challenge is to love yourself!

Body by Vi Challenge Success Stories | Jonathan Robinson

There really isn’t a final goal for me. I feel if you have an end goal, you’ll slowly revert back to your old ways. I believe in setting new goals before you even accomplish the one ahead. So far I have lost 201lbs in 18 months and I feel amazing. I have my life back, but it doesn’t end here. The next goal is another 100lbs gone to make a total loss of 300lbs. Then I have more goals set after that. People have to understand that this is a lifestyle. It doesn’t happen over night. There is no race in life. We all start and end at different point in life, you just have to make sure you make the best of your time on earth. My time will be filled living the Vi Life!”

Jonathan Robinson


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