ONLY a Couple Pounds Shy of 100 lbs. LOST – Body by Vi Challenge Success Story Michele Bailey

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Michele Bailey’s Challenge as Told by Shelley Jones!

“This is my best friend of 30 years, Michele Bailey. She is just a couple of pounds shy of hitting 100 lbs lost on her Body By Vi Challenge in the last 9 months on top of getting off 2 blood pressure meds and cholesterol meds.

She can now run and play with her 6 year old daughter for the first time ever, and she is spending this summer in a bikini vs. last summer in her big bathing suits with skirts attached. I’m SO proud of her!!!

She works long hours, is a single mother, and is a GREAT example of “if she can do this, anyone can do this!”

Shelley Jones
Lake Elsinore, CA

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