49 Year Old Mother of 6 & Grandma of 5 Loses 50 lbs & 60 Inches – Body by Vi Success Story Susan Watkins

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As a busy 49-year-old mother of 6 kids and grandma to 5, Susan found motivation in her family and took control of her health.

Susan overcame several health hurdles and has no plan to stop until she reaches her goal.

Susan Watkins & Her Body by Vi Weight Loss Transformation!

“I began my Challenge because I realized I was sick & tired of feeling old, fat, sick & tired! I was motivated by a need to take care of ME after 30 years of caring for others & putting myself last.

I realized to continue to be here for those I love that my HEALTH has to come first. I learned that no matter what emotional or medical/physiological hurdles I experienced, nutrition & lifestyle change CAN & WILL overcome! Through my journey, ViSalians have become family and a support system.

Sometimes that means delivering a swift kick of reality, other times it means being a personal squad of cheerleaders supporting with positive info, guidance & HAPPY celebration of our progresses!”

Body by Vi 90 Day Challenge Success Stories | Susan Watkins

“I haven’t reached my final results YET, but with ViSalus, I’ve found HEALTH, physical & emotional strength, community & joy in the journey. I’ve lost (not planning on finding) 50 lbs. & 60 inches so far.”

Susan Watkins


Never, Never, Never, Give Up on your dreams to do great things!

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