The Child Dangers of the Fast Food Society!

Child Dangers of the FastFood Society

Fast Food and Child Obesity

We live in a fast food society where we primarily eat foods that have been processed to the point that there are very few nutrients left in anything we eat. Even foods that are supposed to be healthy like bread, cereal, fruits and vegetables are filled with preservatives to increase supermarket shelf life.

Artificial food coloring and food flavoring are prevalent. Some products, such as fruit drinks, are really not fruit juice but carefully packaged food coloring, chemical flavoring, sugar and water. And this is what we feed to our growing kids.

Fast Food Linked to Childhood Obesity

In a culture where everything is convenient processed food, where junk food is more popular with kids than healthy food, we are filling our bodies with toxins and depriving our bodies of the essential nutrients and minerals it needs to be healthy.

In 2007, it is estimated that 60% of American children are obese. And it’s not just a local problem. The International Obesity Task Force estimates that 22 million of children under 5 years old suffer from morbid obesity!

Sadly, even parents who exert the effort to serve healthy meals may be a victim of our preservative-laden diet. Canned and dried fruits and vegetables also have preservatives in order for them to be packaged for distribution. Fresh fruits are now grown using pesticides and chemical growth inducers— most of which are carcinogenic (cancer-causing).

A study conducted by the University of South Carolina found that children with hyperactivity tend to become more destructive and restless when their blood sugar is high.

Research shows that children with a poor diet are more likely to become aggressive and antisocial. The University of Southern California found a lack of zinc, iron, vitamin B and protein in the first three years caused bad behavior later on. At eight years old, children fed poorly were more likely to be irritable and pick fights than those fed healthily. At age 11, they swore, cheated and got into fights, and at 17, they stole, bullied others and took drugs.

The researchers analyzed the development of more than 1,000 children on Mauritius, an island in the Indian Ocean off the coast of Africa, over 14 years. They found the more malnourished the children were, the greater the anti-social behavior later on.

This is just the tip of the iceberg… the internet is filled with hard facts like these; there is enough information to fill hundreds, if not thousands of pages similar to this post! We as parents are the first line of defense to conquer this epidemic… our children are the future, so let’s spread the word and get our kid’s health under control!

These are facts from the eBook The Happy Child Guide – How to Get Any Child to Listen & Be Respectful which is written by: Ashley Ryan! I felt this information was powerful, and needed to be shared!

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