200 lbs LOST – 100 Inches Thinner & OFF Prescription Meds – Body by Vi Success Story Christy Mitchell

Body by Vi Success Stories featuring Christy Mitchell

Christy’s success story is impressive and has gone viral… diagnosed with diabetes and high blood pressure, she has now reached a total weight loss on the Body by Vi Challenge of 200lbs! If you missed it. Here it is along with her before and most recent after photo.

Christy is Down 200lbs on the Body by Vi 90 Day Challenge

Story by Christy Mitchell

5/17/2013 “I can proudly say as of today I have now lost 200 pounds! So very happy to hit that milestone!!! Here is the picture I just got done making.”

In case you missed her story…

“My name is Christy Mitchell. I have been on Visalus since February 25th of 2012. Starting off with my story I was diagnosed with diabetes and high blood pressure when I was in my early 30’s. I had suffered with severe depression for most of my life.

When I was at my heaviest in Februaury of 2012 I was almost 460 pounds. I have not opened that information to anyone as of yet. That info was never told to anyone because it was embarrassing and depressing.

I didn’t come out of my house for about 10 years accept to go to the grocery store for my family or somewhere where I had to go. Other than that I really tried to stay in my house and not be seen.

A close friend of mine introduced me to Visalus in January and I stayed back to watch how they did. When I saw the pounds coming off I decided to jump in. I had to do something.

I had severe arthritis in my legs and could not stand for more than 5 minutes at a time. I had to sit down in a chair to wash my dishes. I could not buckle my seat belt in my van. I could not take my kids out to do anything for fear of having to sit down every few minutes or that they would be embarrassed of me.

And now on to my success story…..I am now in my 5th 90 day challenge and down almost 100 inches from my neck to my calves and have now lost 190 pounds!

I am off all prescription medications and now working out in a gym for the first time in my life. I now walk about 2-3 miles a day and feel like a new person.

I don’t sit to do anything anymore and can buckle that seatbelt with a bunch of room left!!! I live the Vi-Life everyday and will continue to do so. I love my life now and am able to get out with my kids and walk and do things with them I was never able to do before. I live now!

Thanks to Visalus for getting me there!

I AM the face of obesity!

Christy Mitchell

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