Does Body by Vi Really Work? – ANSWER: Come Find Out for Yourself!

If you are a person that enjoys interacting on Facebook or tweeting on Twitter, then most likely you have seen or heard something about Body by Vi and the 90 Day Challenge. If you are like many people, you are asking the question “Does Body by Vi Really Work?”

Does Body by Vi Work - Laykyn Owczarzak

Does Body by Vi Work for Weight Loss?

ANSWER: YES, Body by Vi does work for weight loss. Body by Vi also works for building lean muscle for those that don’t want to just lose weight, but want to increase stamina and muscle, but we will cover that another day!

It is OK to be a little skeptical when there is a new fad diet for weight loss cropping up around every corner, almost every week. Now days it remains difficult to trust anything you hear without proof of success by others.

So, what makes Body by Vi different from other diets on the market today? To begin with, the Body by Vi weight loss system doesn’t make you eat foods that you may not agree with, each and every day. It doesn’t make you walk around with a calculator counting calories, carbs or fat grams or use a commercial weight-loss program to track food intake.

The Body by Vi Weight Loss Management System is centered around the delicious Vi-Shape Shake Mix… a meal replacement shake mix that tastes like a cake mix. The Body by Vi, meal replacement Vi-Shape shake is part of a weight loss system that provides you with ALL the tools and support you need to lose the weight and keep it off, so you can lead a healthy lifestyle.

Watch the video to learn more about ViSalus and the Body by Vi Challenge.

Body by Vi offers hundreds of weight loss shake recipes to make staying healthy, fun, easy and delicious. This way, you will never get bored with the same old thing. Whether you have the craving for the delicious Frozen Chocolate Banana shake, or something more fruity like the Body by Vi Peach Mango smoothie, having a well balanced, nutritious and satisfying meal has truly never been easier.

The best part about our meal replacement shakes (besides the delicious taste), is that they are easy to make, usually in about a minute or two, allowing even the busiest of person’s to always have a healthy meal at their disposal. You can even add the contents of the Vi-Shape shake mix to any of your favorite drinks, including milk, coffee, tea or juice. You can also mix it in with your oatmeal.

Did you know that scientific research shows that protein is a key contributor to increasing your metabolism? When you absorb protein in your body, you are giving your metabolism a boost so your body can burn more calories and fat.

Body by Vi Tri-Sorb Protein

For this reason, the Body by Vi shakes that are packed with a fast absorbing, Tri-Sorb protein blend (mentioned in the video above), are an excellent way to lose the weight because they will provide your body with the many needed nutrients that will help you stay satisfied and full throughout your fast-paced day.

This will help reduce your urge to reach for the junk foods that have assisted in getting our nation into a serious obesity epidemic. The Body by ViSalus protein shakes can also help keep you focused and energized throughout your day. When your mind is in a healthy state, your body is healthy also, setting you up for a successful weight loss transformation.

One of the benefits that many people using the Body by Vi weight loss program love is the part that they are not required to work out or perform physical exercise in order to lose weight. There are many people that don’t have the time or the desire to work out while on a weight loss program. It’s for this reason that the Body by Vi weight loss program works so well for so many people. It’s simple, easy and effective.

Of course you might be like many of our other Body by Vi success stories (people that initially didn’t want to work out), but due to their increased energy levels that the Vi-Shape shake gave to them, they were inclined to start a work out regimen that put them on the path to a quicker weight loss transformation. With drinking the meal replacement shakes and sticking to a sensible diet for the other meal, you can watch the pounds melt away.

I am a person that is encouraged by stories of ‘REAL People’ having REAL successful weight loss results. After all, I have learned from my mentors that “Facts Tell and Stories Sell!”

Body by Vi Success Story - Rod Elliot

Rod Elliot lost over 100 pounds on his 90 Day Challenge and continues to improve his health each and every day.

Rod says, “At 390 pounds I couldn’t do a whole lot of anything. My grandma said she was worried about my weight and that’s when I decided it was time for a challenge in my life.”

Body by Vi Success Story - Jill Pulos

Off 13 prescription meds and down 85 pounds…

Jill Pulos lost 55 pounds on her first 90 Day Challenge, 30 pounds on her 2nd challenge. With her loss of 85+ pounds, she has totally changed her lifestyle and eating habits.

She is eating totally clean and she just started working out.

This is just a fraction of Jill’s Heart-Wrenching story… Read Jill’s Body by Vi Weight Loss Success Story right here – in Her Own Words.

Body by Vi offers 7 different Challenge Kits to fit into any lifestyle. It’s Simple… Set Your Goal!… every Challenge begins by setting a personal weight loss or fitness goal.

Select Your Kit! Select 1 of the 7 Body by Vi Challenge Kits… Body by Vi has the perfect Challenge kit to support your goal.

So, Does Body by Vi Work… YES it Does!

Did you know that the Body by Vi 90 Day Challenge is currently in the number 2 position for weight loss programs, right behind Weight Watchers? Body by Vi has the second largest weight-loss product sales of the leading weight loss programs available world wide.

If you happen to have an questions or concerns while on your Challenge, you can always contact Body by Vi customer service agents by phone, live chat or email. ViSalus and our support team are available 24/7/365 to help you reach your weight loss, health and fitness goals.

Body by Vi is so confident that you too can join the millions of others that have lost the weight, that they are offering a 90 day money back results guarantee.

If you are ready to kick off your 90 Day Challenge and be the next Body by Vi weight loss success story, contact us today at: 719.445.0388 or follow the link to choose your Body by Vi Challenge Kit and get started today.

Get Started on Your 90 Day Challenge by Choosing from Any 7 Challenge Kits!
Order Body by Vi Challenge kits Online 24 hours a Day - 7 Days a Week.

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