Twelve Golden Nuggets for a Healthier YOU!

12 Gold Nuggets for a Healthier You!

1. Don’t Diet

Stop the madness! Don’t start another diet. They never work long term because they are restrictive, hard to stick to, and will end after a period of time, and then you’ll be gaining the pounds back again. Instead, change your lifestyle. Find things you can do like eating healthy and nutritious meals for most of the day and then eat what you want for your other meal.* You won’t feel guilty and you won’t be depriving yourself of the things you love. You can slowly work your way into a new lifestyle. Small changes will help you be successful long term!

2. This for That

Instead of trying to change your foods cold turkey and end up cheating or quitting all together, why not start switching this for that at a gradual pace? Instead of eating your favorite Philly Cheese steak sandwich at lunch on Friday, switch it for a healthy cold cut sandwich. Switch your sugary soda for water with lemon every now and then. Replace white rice with brown rice. Replace white or wheat bread with a whole grain bread. Replace beef with chicken. Do it gradual so you can be successful.

3. Walk Like a Vegan

One day each week, try eating like a vegan. Cut out all the processed foods and foods that come from animals. Replace them with foods that come from the earth. There is an abundance of foods to choose from so don’t feel like you are being punished. Make it fun by adding as many different colors as you can to your plate. If you are afraid you won’t be able to last through the day, start with one meal first. Then you can move up to two meals. Before you know it, you’ll be ready for a full Vegan Day!

4. Toss Your Cookies

Before starting any type of healthy eating program, don’t put yourself at a disadvantage by having cookies, crackers, candy, sodas and all sorts of other things in the house that are easy to get to and help keep you where you are now by being so sweet and deliciously bad for you! Go through all the kitchen cabinets and drawers, the frig, freezer, and all your hiding places…. Including that stash you have hidden in your desk. Yes… that one! Toss it all and immediately go to the store to purchase some healthy alternatives like fruits, nuts, and low-fat yogurts. Keep these good-for-you snacks on hand so you won’t be tempted to cheat when you get hungry between meals.

5. It’s in the Bag

Instead of going out to lunch and risk being tempted to eat a high calorie, high fat meal…. Start bringing your lunch to work. That way you are in control and can choose healthy solutions instead of being tempted to eat like your friends at the restaurant.

6. Not Just for Wearing

Eating Flaxseed is an excellent way to increase Omega 3 fatty acids and Fiber in your diet. They contain the nutrients needed to support a healthy lifestyle. Add them to a fruit and yogurt mixture, or put them on your cereal, or add them to your salad. You can add them to almost anything to get that extra nutrition.

7. Hold the Juice

Everyone likes juice but you are kidding yourself if you think you can get in your fruit for the day by drinking juice. Juices are filled with sugar and not much else…. especially the natural fiber found in the fruit itself. Hold the juice and eat the fruit.

8. Hydrate the Plant in YOU

Bar none, there is nothing better you can do than to drink water….. lots of it. Your body needs water in order to survive. And, how else are you going to flush out the fat? You should drink at least 8 – 8oz glasses of water per day. Drink a glass when you first wake up in the morning to get your body going. Then drink some about 30 minutes prior to sitting down for a meal. The water will fill you up so you don’t eat as much. Add a slice of lemon to flavor the water. And definitely choose water over sodas. If you aren’t a water drinker, try drinking it through a straw to get it down each day. It might take a couple of weeks to get used to, but your body will begin craving it before you know it.

9. Nuts Over You

Nuts are an awesome source of protein and are filled with the ‘good’ oils. You can eat them alone or add them to your other foods. They are also a great snack when you have the munchies.

10. Berry Good

When you are looking for healthy and nutritious snacks, go to your produce department and pick up some berries. You can always find some sort of berry in season. Here is a list of the top berries that are good for you: Goji berry, Blueberry, Acai berry, Bilberry, Strawberry, Blackberry, and Cherry. You can do so many things with berries…. Including adding them to your plain yogurt or protein shake.

11. Just Say NO

Ditch the margarine, mayo, miracle whip, full flavor salad dressings, sugar, and salt….just to name a few. Replace them with good condiments such as ketchup, mustard, horseradish, olive oil, hot sauce, and spices such as pepper, rosemary, and cinnamon.

12. Walk Away from the Fried

You know this already but it has to be said. If you have a choice (and you always do) choose baked anything over fried anything. It still tastes good but doesn’t contain all that grease that will end up on your hips.

* One thing that we have found to help us be successful with our health & fitness goals is to incorporate the Meal Replacement ViSalus Shape Shakes into our diet. We replace 2 meals per day with the delicious and filling shakes and then eat what we want for our other meal. We are losing the weight and not feeling deprived.

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