Amazing Health Benefits of Soy Protein – Lose Weight – Increase Muscle Mass – Increase Brain Activity

Health Benefits of Soy Proteins

Soy is a subtropical plant found in southeastern Asia. This soy plant is a member of the pea family which grows anywhere from one to five feet tall which forms clusters of three to five pods, each containing two to four beans per pod. Soy has been a dietary staple in Asian countries for close to 5000 years.

NOTE: Asians that consume higher amounts of soy are healthier than others, according to studies. It’s been shown that researchers believe a soy-based diet could account for Asia’s low rate of heart disease.

Health Benefits of the Soy Plant

The soy bean is an excellent source of dietary protein that includes essential amino acids which can assist in the break down of food, promote muscle growth, and many other body functions. In the raw form, soy contains protein, isoflavones and fiber, all which provide health benefits. Soy is also a source of lecithin or phospholipid.

Weight Loss Benefits of Soy Protein!

Anna and Daniel Hay - Body by Vi Success Story

As a general rule, the ingestion of foods with a high protein content is known to suppress the appetite. Soy protein can also increase the feeling of satisfaction (feeling full), along with the thermogenic effect leading to greater weight loss.

“Among the dietary proteins, soy protein is considered a complete protein in that it contains ample amounts of all the essential amino acids plus several other macronutrients with a nutritional value roughly equivalent to that of animal protein of high biological value.”

“In a randomized trial in overweight and obese subjects, consumption of high protein (25% of total energy) in ad libitum fat-reduced diets for 6 months produced greater weight loss and body fat loss, compared to consumption of high carbohydrate (12% of total energy)”

Soy Protein can Also Increase Muscle Mass!

A study conducted by the Research Department of the Sports Medicine Institute, in Bucharest, Romania show that many Olympic athletes have shown increased muscle mass using soy protein isolate.

Soy for Brain Boosting Benefits

Soy’s Brain Boosting Benefits – May Make YOU Smarter

A new study has shown that soy protein can actually boost brain activity. According to this Japanese study, peptide from soybeans were linked with a decrease adrenalin level and an increase in dopamine level. Dopamine is a neurotransmitter. It is a chemical messenger that helps in the transmission of signals in the brain and other vital areas.

Researchers wrote: “These results suggest that adequate [supplementation] with soybean peptide can be useful in healthy populations through and improvement in immune functions, stress conditions and brain conditions.”

Soy Combined with Whey Can Increase Results

Research has also shown that soy combined with a dairy protein such as Whey will show prolonged delivery of amino acids to muscles, compared to a single source of protein.

Soy Protein - Prolonged Delivery of Amino Acids

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