42 lbs DOWN – NO More Back Pain – More Restful Sleep – Justin Godfrey & His Body by Vi Success Story

A Successful Body by Vi Transformation by Justin Godfrey

Incredible story that was sent by fellow ViSalian, Justin Godfrey and I just thought I would share it with all of you…

(Thank you show much for the inspiration you give to people. I am trying to build my business with a renewed strength since I lost my job recently. I pray to only help others.)

“Ok, 90 days ago I made a decision to try and make a difference in me. I finally decided to take the Body by VI 90 day health challenge to try to get me towards my goals. From Sept 2010 to Sept 2011 I was off work due to 5 surgeries in 12 months. I had several surgeries with my ears. I had a non cancerous tumor in my right ear that eroded my ear bones to the point it would at any point start bleeding and had constant headaches. Before Sept 2010 I had been on antibiotics for 9 months and it just got worse. I was told once this happened it is very likely to happen again especially with my age being so young at which point they recommended to “gut” my ear so there would be nothing left and at which point would also render my deaf in one ear. After that was all fixed I had back surgery and being inactive I gained a ton of weight. And since that surgery, my back hurt every single day and was told it always would.

About 5 months ago I had to go back to the ear surgeon because my ear was giving me problems again and was told to get ready for surgery very soon. During all this time with all the medicine I was on it messed with my body to the point my body was no longer making testosterone and was doing treatments for that as well and did so for 8-9 months. It was very hard to get it at a stable level and was told would be on those meds the rest of my life as well. And I am no longer on any treatments and still holding at decent levels.

Body by Vi Success Story by Justin Godfrey

Two months ago (30 days after I started VI) I went back to ear surgeon because something was wrong with my ear again, the problem was, it was NOT hurting anymore? He looked and said I don’t know what you are doing but keep doing it because they look better then ever. Also at 30 days I noticed my back no longer bothered me at all. Not even a little. And I know longer after 10 years of being a habitual Dr Pepper drinker I no longer craved it and havent had one since. By the time I got to 90 days I have lost 42lbs, more focused, sleep better, more muscle tone and I just feel better overall.

I would also like to add I was a smoker for 12 years and tried everything to quit, nothing worked. Just last week I noticed I hadn’t smoked in a day, so I decided hey why not? Haven’t had one nor had I craved one. For me, ViSalus Body by VI 90 day challenge is Health. And I will continue to support it.”

Another Amazing Body by ViSalus Success Story

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