Celebrating a Year of BOLD Moves – A Letter from the ViSalus Founders

Celebrating a Year of BOLD Moves - A Letter from the ViSalus Founders

ViSalus Community,

For us, birthdays and anniversaries are not only a time of celebration, but also a moment to reflect, think, and set new goals. While we always celebrate our birthday in March, and look forward to turning 11 in 2016, there’s another special anniversary that we want to recognize today.

Exactly one year ago this week, the three of us came together and decided to make the largest move of our entrepreneurial career, investing a combined total of $143 million to buy back controlling interest in the company we started and are so passionate about. That decision set in motion one of the most exciting year’s in ViSalus history. When we reflect back on the progress that we’ve made as a team, we’ve never been more certain that it was the right move, and never more excited about the future ahead.

From inception, Vi was built to innovate. We love bringing new, disruptive ideas to the market with vision and velocity. The company was built with that fire, and it fuels so many members of our community who value being on the leading edge. While underneath the umbrella of a publicly traded company for many of our formative years, we learned a lot, built a rock-solid infrastructure, and gained the capacity to be a multi-billion dollar global company.

In buying back ViSalus, we stand today on the foundation of that knowledge, but are back in our gift zone as Founders and owners with the ability to more freely ideate, create, and disrupt our evolving landscape to continue setting the industry standard for innovation.

We set out one year ago to further the Vi Mission of Transforming Life, Health, and Prosperity around the world, and to do so guided by a new set of Bold Moves. On our first anniversary, we want to share with you just a few of our proudest victories, and thank you for helping make these milestones possible.

Product Innovation

It may seem like they’ve been a staple in your pantry for much longer, but even Vi-Bites are less a year old! This was a bold step towards a mission of providing healthy meals, drinks, and snacks for every eating occasion of the day, and one that has been met with great success.

A more recent innovation you can’t ignore is the meteoric rise of NEON Energy Drink – our fastest ever product to 1 million units and $2 million in sales (already close to $3 million!). From music videos, to pro sports locker rooms, to celebrity hot spots, NEON is already lighting it up seemingly everywhere you look, and we’re just getting started!

International Expansion

Almost immediately, we rapidly increased our international expansion efforts, adding 5 new countries in the past year alone, and proudly now serve 14 countries around the world, expanding our ability to reach hundreds of millions more people who could have their lives changed by Vi.

Incentives & Rewards

Always wanting to make the Vi compensation plan as lucrative as possible for our Promoters, we’ve been proud to enhance programs like the Weekly Pools and Leadership Pools, while extended numerous promotions and incentives throughout the year. We are committed to your continued success, and will continue to invest in programs that help you and your business grow.

Challenge Innovation

Kicking off with a World Record, and not slowing down since, Challenge Groups have sparked a whole new way to experience The Challenge in 2015, and expanded our innovation for new and exciting ways for you to share Vi in the future. Technology innovations like our Check-In technology have helped exponential growth of the Groups model, while our Vi Life 12-Month Challenge shows our commitment to rewarding those who live the Vi Lifestyle around the year.


We’ve always held that equity is the most valuable asset a person can hold, and we set forth to make that a reality for those Promoters who are leading our Mission today. As we approach the end of the first year in this 2-year program, we’ve already helped build a legacy for hundreds of families. We have no doubt by the close of the Founders’ Equity Incentive Plan at the end of 2016, that thousands of families futures will have been changed by our efforts as a community.

We took 6% of our company and made it available for you. Our March to Equity has a goal to build a legacy for 2,000 families. Will you be one of them?

Momentum is building, as evidenced by our success in August, where we saw the strongest month-close of the year, and one of the strongest summer months we’ve had in our company’s history.

What’s most exciting about all of these moves, is that they are mere stepping stones to our greater vision. We can’t wait to see you at Vitality where we will unveil our next bold moves and paint our exciting vision for the future.

We thank you for your commitment to our mission, for the lives you have impacted, and for the countless more we can reach together in the year ahead.

To Life, Health, and Prosperity,

Ryan Blair, Blake Mallen, Nick Sarnicola

Founders, ViSalus

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