Body by Vi 90 Day Challenge Core Kit!

Condition Your Body

Body by Vi Challenge Core Kit

The “Core” Kit supports your active/fitness lifestyle with a patented anti-aging and energy formula, balanced nutrition, and hydration and energy without the jitters. The program is founded on keeping your nutrition in balance with one shake per day, to help your body fuel itself with lean protein, digestive enzymes, fiber, calcium, and prebiotics to support your bodies normal regularity.

Combine that with our comprehensive Vi-Pak, for sound nutritional support from head to toe, and patent-pending NEURO® Smart Energy drink mix, to support healthy brain function and keep you sharp.

No other system can compete to support your optimal physical and youthful health! An assortment of Health Flavors is also included to add flavor variety and added health benefits to your shake… and you can get it for FREE, follow the link to find out how!

Condition your body properly, from the inside out. Support your physical health and active lifestyle, and receive anti-aging benefits along the way.

What’s in This Kit (PDF) – Product Fact Sheet

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* You can “Refer 3, Get Your Next Month FREE!” with any Challenge Kit. For your convenience, all Challenge Kits are automatically set to Auto-Ship on a monthly basis so that you can continue towards your Challenge goal with no delays. There are no minimum purchase requirements, and your order can be cancelled at any time.