Body by ViSalus NEURO®

Smart Energy—Mental Alertness and Acuity, and Physical Energy

ViSalus NEURO® is a low-caffeine powdered energy drink mix that supports your body and brain with energy promoting ingredients, while also delivering other nutritional benefits.

The patent-pending blend of ingredients features Rhodiola Extract to help support stamina and endurance, along with DMAE to support brain function.

Additionally, NEURO is formulated with natural caffeine (45 mg, which is less than that in 1/3 cup of coffee) combined with a blend of B vitamins to help support your body’s natural energy, and vitamin C for immune system support.

t’s portable, convenient, and available in two flavors—Raspberry Boost and Lemon Lift. Invigorate your body and your mind with NEURO today

ViSalus PRO Energy Drink® Fact Sheet (PDF) – Product Fact Sheet