Body by Vi Challenge Project 10 Explained!

Body by Vi™ Challenge Kits, Snacks & Supplements for Your Weight Loss Goals!

Achieve Your Weight Loss Goals

The Body by Vi Challenge kit you choose will depend on your 90 Day Goal. If your goal is to lose a small amount of weight, the Shape Kit is your best choice. If you have a goal of losing 20 or more pounds, you will find success with the Transformation Kit.

THERE IS A PERFECT CHALLENGE KIT FOR EVERYONE. Keep in mind that each Challenge kit is specifically designed for a specific purpose, so be sure to select the Challenge Kit that best matches your 90-Day goal.

Body by Vi 90 Day Challenge Kit 3 for Free!

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Each Body by Vi Meal Replacement Challenge Kit arrives conveniently packed with powerful wellness products to help you lose weight, get in shape and achieve your fitness goals.

Each of our Weight Loss - Body by Vi Challenge kits are centered around the Vi-Shape shake mix, a Highly Nutritious Meal Replacement shake mix that tastes like a Cake Mix and costs less than $2 a serving!

With all the of the weight loss products available Worldwide, we have put together a Cost Comparison of Leading Weight Loss Programs
on the market today. This comparison will show the average 'Cost Per Pound Lost' it would take for you to lose your goal weight!

Body by Vi™ Snacks to Aid in Weight Loss!

Vi Bites

Crunchy and nutritious snacks for your individual Challenge goals.

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Nutra Cookies (Three Flavors)

Enjoy a cookie that tastes great - and is good for you.

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Body by Vi™ Supplements to Aid in Weight Loss!

Vi Trim

Take charge of your Challenge and stay on track with Vi-Trim®

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Vi Slim

Help boost your metabolism with Vi-Slim... aid your body in metabolizing fats and carbs.

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