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EARN Money Promoting the Body by Vi Challenge!

Where Else Can YOU OWN Your Own Business for as Little as $49.00?

There is only one thing that may help you share the Challenge with others even faster than your own results… and that’s INCENTIVES!

The Body by Vi Challenge has become the fastest growing health movement in North America, with over 170,000 new challengers joining every month! Even more amazing, this has all been done with NO TRADITIONAL ADVERTISING!

The Challenge is going viral, powered by people telling people about their results! ViSalus fuels this organic growth with an entire program of cash bonuses and other rewards for simply promoting the Challenge!

EARN Money Promoting ViSalus – Choose Your Promotional Kit and Get Started Today!

Own Your Own ViSalus Business for as Little as $49!

The First Option is the Visalus ‘Basic’ Promoter Kit – $49: If you decide to go with this option, you will need to ADD one of the ViSalus Challenge Kits to your order because this option does not come with any product. This option is the “Toe in the Water” option, for the person that wants to try it out. You WILL get paid to promote Visalus as soon as you have a combined product volume of $125.00 (combined: your personal order volume plus the volume of other customers ordering through you).

The Second Option is the Visalus ‘Executive’ Promoter Kit (ESS) – $499: This option is for the person that is serious about starting a business and promoting the Challenge. If you choose this option, you do NOT need to ADD any Challenge Kits to your order. This Executive Promoter kit already comes with product. The MAIN difference between an ESS Promoter and a BASIC Promoter is: #1, the ESS kit comes with products and samples to give out. #2, the ESS kit qualifies you to participate in the Bimmer Bonus program and additional bonus pools. #3, the ESS gets you more access to training along with some promotional materials. The qualifications to start earning money as an Executive Promoter are the same as a Basic Promoter: you must have a combined product volume of $125.00.

The Third option is the Visalus ‘STAR’ Promoter Kit – $999: This option is for the person that wants nothing to stand in their way of financial success. This kit comes with everything inside the Executive kit shown above, PLUS MORE samples to give out, a ticket to the next convention ($149 value), a 25% Vi-Store coupon, and 25 of ‘The Challenge’ magazines which are great promotional materials. If you want to hit the floor running, this option will give you the greatest chance for a successful, profitable business.

Which Visalus Promotional Kit Do “We” Recommend?

We would recommend the promotional kit that fits your personal business goals & pocket book best! For us, we started with ‘Executive’ Promoter Kit at $499. If we were to go with the minimum ViSalus Promotional Kit (the Basic), we would have had the tendency to not take our business too seriously. If a person were vested in the company, then the person is at the least going to attempt to get their money back in profit… we happen to get our investment back in the first 14 days of joining, which showed us the potential of this amazing business, giving us increased confidence. This is a business plain and simple! If you treat it like a business, it will pay you like a business.

The Visalus program is very easy to promote. The success of the company is related to the fact that their marketing plan is duplicatable by anyone regardless of their experience. The compensation plan is second to none and very generous. The ViSalus shake, which is at the core of any Challenge kit, taste fantastic, which helps a great deal too!

FACT: Financial experts warn that even a 7 figure nest egg ($1,000,000 or more) at retirement may not be enough to retire on. A person needs 70 to 80 percent of their annual income in order to retire comfortably.

Don’t be one of the statistics mentioned without a retirement fund to fall back on… multiple streams of income can give you that security. ViSalus has an unequaled model for success. It’s a small investment that will deliver tremendous benefits for years to come.

Thought to ponder before choosing your ViSalus Promoter kit… people will watch you, they will do what you do, so you need to realize that you will be leading by example with anything you do. If a person were to ask you “which kit do you believe would be best suited for me!”, how are you going to convince them that the ESS kit is the best choice for them if you joined ViSalus at the ‘Basic’ Promoter level? LEAD BY EXAMPLE!

With this being said, if money is tight right now, choosing a Visalus Promoter kit option is better than not choosing an option at all… you can ALWAYS upgrade to a higher kit at any time!

The ViSalus Bimmer Club

ViSalus offers the most realistically achievable car incentive program in the industry. At the Regional Director level or higher, Promoters can join the ViSalus Bimmer Club — the Bimmer Bonus program covers the cost of a new black, silver or green vehicle. Over 10,000 people have already qualified for a ViSalus Bimmer Club! Somebody new qualifies every 40 minutes!

  • The most realistically achievable car incentive program in the industry!
  • Only need $12,500 in group volume within your network (Regional Director) to qualify for $600 Bimmer Bonus! (Or $300 cash option). Paid Weekly.
  • Concierge service to help you select your car and have it delivered right to your driveway.
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