ViSalus Compensation Plan – 8 Ways to Earn Income

Compensation Plan as a ViSalus Distributor

The ViSalus® Body by Vi™ Challenge has no traditional advertising, ViSalus grows solely through word of mouth. Generally, people who start The Challenge love their results and end up telling others (or others notice the results and ask!). ViSalus fuels this organic growth with lucrative rewards and incentives for those who want to actively promote The Challenge.

ViSalus Compensation Plan and Incentives Highlights

  1. Personal Customer Commissions – Earn up to 25% on all Customers you refer, including the Customers whom they refer!
  2. Team Commissions – Earn 5% on the Customers of the Promoters you refer through 8 compressed levels.
  3. First Order Bonus – Earn more on the products purchased by new Associates upon enrollment.
  4. Fast Start Bonus – Paid on product within Executive Success System
  5. Rising Star Program – Enroll with an ESS and achieve Director in your first 30 days to become a Rising Star and qualify to earn from ViSalus’ total company revenue every week!
  6. BMW Bonus – $600 per month Black, Green or Silver BMW Car bonus
  7. Leadership Pool – Earn a percentage of ViSalus’ total company revenue. Leadership Ranks earn in an additional 2% Revenue Pool!
  8. Ambassador Star Bonus – Paid from Vi-Net Pro/SUCCESS Subscriptions (plus infinity-style payout at the Ambassador Rank).
  • Paid weekly. All orders in by Thursday are paid on Monday!
  • No cap on width or depth or income.
  • ViSalus Prosperity Card and Direct Deposit options (Real-Time Commissions!).

ViSalus Compensation Plan (Summary PDF)

ViSalus Compensation Plan (Detailed PDF)

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When you enjoy something, you like to share it with others. This is the simple concept that has made ViSalus and its Body by Vi products unequaled as the #1 weight loss and fitness platform throughout the United States and Canada. That and the amazing Body by ViSalus Products that WORK! ViSalus has been held in such high regards with its successful Body by Vi products that the company has planted roots in the UK, to include Britain, England, Scotland, Wales & Ireland!

One of Many Ways is to EARN Money Selling Body By Vi Challenge Kits to Customers!

If you have the desire to help others gain greater health, there is a large amount of money to be made through Body by Vi product sales. In the example image below, it shows the potential income per month from personal customers, and their customers, just from selling Body by Vi Challenge Kits.

Because ViSalus is a company that is dedicated to life, health and prosperity, they have put amazing rewards in place for people who Promote the Challenge.

Like a CD or Mutual Fund that grows exponentially and pays out over time, ViSalus is the ultimate business model with its ‘earning residual income‘ program.

Example of a Successful Home-Based Business with ViSalus

ViSalus Calls this Exponential Income Potential!

The Body by ViSalus Compensation Plan example above shows how much money you could make using the power of 3. If you were to personally sponsor 3 new associates whom each have 3 customers on the Balance Kit ($49), and this effort was duplicated through 8 levels of referrals, this would equal the $72,324 per month just from team commissions.

You are probably turning to your spouse saying that this scenario is a situation that only Donald Trump could pull off, but even if you failed this example by as much as 95%, you would still be earning an estimated $3616 per month, just from your ViSalus Home-Based Business.

If you are a motivated person, it is recommended to build both your personal customer base AND your ViSalus team.

To see a ViSalus Compensation summary or a Detailed ViSalus Plan please view the PDF below:

ViSalus Compensation Plan (Summary PDF)

ViSalus Compensation Plan (Detailed PDF)

5 years from now, when your life is drastically different than it is today, you will be glad you made some changes.

Change your health, your fitness, your mindset, and your finances.

You will be SO glad you did. Start today… not next month, not next year, TODAY!

It may not be easy, but it will be SO worth it!

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