Body by Vi Challenge Project 10 Explained

Body by Vi Project 10 Explained!

The NEW Body by Vi 90-Day Challenge has quite a few exciting new features, offering more winners, more prizes, and more support… Guaranteed! First off, ViSalus is now offering a 90-day money-back results guarantee to those who decide to take on The Challenge. Now you have absolutely nothing to lose… but weight!

Now… what exactly is Project 10? Well, after studying millions of transformations, ViSalus discovered that the secret to having success on your Challenge all lies in losing the first 10 pounds. Losing those first 10 pounds can help you look better, feel better and most importantly- be better! Plus, you’re more likely to achieve your ultimate Challenge goals, even if you want to lose more than 10 pounds.

That’s why every week in 2015 ViSalus will be awarding a total of $10,000 to 10 people who lose 10 pounds. Not only that, but once you lose your first 10 pounds you can also win a free “i LOST It” t-shirt.

Body by Vi Weekly Project 10 Winners!

So how do you participate?

  • Join The Challenge by selecting 1 of 7 Body by Vi Challenge Kits
  • Click here and upload your “i WANT it” starting video
  • Lose your first 10 pounds
  • Return here and submit your “i LOST it” video entry

Make sure to enter on or before every Thursday to find out the following Monday if you are one of the 10 lucky $1,000 winners!

In addition to the 90-day money-back results guarantee and Project 10, ViSalus also announced over $100 million* in free products, prizes and vacations available for those on The Challenge, as well as Monthly Finalists who can now win a free professional photo shoot and free Vi-Gear. The Ultimate Transformation Vacation was announced, giving Champions the experience of a lifetime and a $5,000 Beverly Hills New Wardrobe Shopping Spree. On top of all that, Challenge Trainer offers a world of support to help you succeed, and it can all be found at

Are you ready to get started on your Body by Vi Challenge and be the next Project 10 Winner? Order Body by Vi Online 24/7 and have your Challenge kit delivered straight to your home.