Body by Vi Surpasses Jenny Craig and Nutrisystem in Total Sales!

Compare Weight Loss Programs – COST Per Pound!

If you’re among the 232 million Americans (67%) who are overweight or obese, shedding pounds is a no-brainer way to save money.

For example, “even losing 7% of your weight may lower blood pressure enough to erase the need for medication,” says Cheryl Rock, a professor at the medical school at the University of California in San Diego.

Below is a Typical ‘Cost per Pound Lost’ Comparison for the Leading Weight Loss Programs

A Break-Down showing the Cost per Month & Cost per Pound Lost of the Leading Weight Loss Programs as Listed Below.

Body by Vi Comparison of the Leading Weight Loss Programs!


  • Price for six months: About $2,380 for women and $2,590 for men on the Select plan (includes some food)
  • Estimated Cost per Pound lost: $130.00 to $139.00

Nutrisystem sends you prepackaged meals that comprise about 60% of what you eat; the rest you buy yourself.

Free counselor support is available via phone or online, but there are no scheduled get-togethers. That’s a negative: Studies show that regular meetings help people lose.

Jenny Craig

  • Price for six months: About $2,221 to $3,341 for the Premium plan (includes some food)
  • Estimated Cost per Pound lost: $131.00 to $174.00

Like Nutrisystem, this program requires you to eat mostly its branded foods, supplemented with the regular stuff.

The main difference: Jenny includes weekly one-on-one counseling with an employee who shares things like exercise tips and recipes for when you’re weaned off packaged meals. That’s helpful, particularly if you crave personal attention.

One-on-One With Jenny Craig

If you are looking for the individualized diet plan, pre-prepared foods, and one-on-one support from a consultant either in person at one of their centers, or via phone or internet communication, this is the one for you.

  • Bottom-Line Estimate: $237.56 per Pound lost for one-on-one weight loss support and special food products
One on One with Jenny Craig Source:

Weight Watchers

  • Typical Cost/month: $716
  • Estimated Cost per Pound lost: $90.00

Weight Watchers is the industry leader. It is considered to be the AA for over-eaters and food addicts. The program encourages sensible diet and behavioral changes such as healthy foods with emphasis on portion control, support, exercise and attitude.

It’s easy to follow. You get a sense of what makes you feel full and what’s high in nutrients. The average cost of the program for a month is $716 which is reasonable for a commercial diet program. This includes food, weekly group meetings, access to the Weight Watchers website. That averages out to about $90 a pound.

Atkins Diet

  • Up to 21 pounds first month; Up to 12 pounds/mo after that Typical Cost/month $948
  • Working out to Costs per Pound: $45.00/first mo and $79.00/mo after

South Beach Diet

  • Up to 17 pounds first month; Up to 8 pounds/mo after that Typical Cost/month $818
  • Working out to Costs per Pound: $48.00/first mo; $102.00/mo after

These two diets have the highest monthly costs, about $1000 each. That’s because you are loading up on pricey proteins. But, notice that these are some of the lowest costs per pound, particularly in the first 2 weeks, which is an induction period! That means that there is a strict ban on certain foods, so that brings that first month cost down to under $50 a pound for both programs.

The months after that the costs go up because you are losing about half as much weight as the induction period. On Atkins you are looking at $79 a pound, which allows you to eat butter, eggs and bacon. On South Beach, which puts great emphasis on “good fats” your average cost is going to be $102 a pound.

Weight Watcher, Atkins & South Beach Diet Source:

The programs above are showing an average weight loss of 8 to 21 pounds lost in the first month.

ViSalus & the Body by Vi 90 Day Challenge

Rod Elliot Success Story from the 90 Day Challenge!

Rod Elliot lost over 100 pounds on his 90 Day Challenge and continues to improve his health each and every day.

Rod says, “At 390 pounds I couldn’t do a whole lot of anything. My grandma said she was worried about my weight and that’s when I decided it was time for a challenge in my life.”

Rod attended a ViSalus Challenge Party and tasted the Vi-Shape Shake for the first time and said to himself, “Really? This is the stuff to help me lose weight? I’m in!”

Rod chose the ViSalus Vi-Shape ‘MEAL ReplacementTransformation Kit for his 90 Day Challenge, costing $249.00 per month, which averages to $8.30 per day.

Even though Rod lost 100 + pounds during his first 90 Day Challenge, let’s lower the numbers for this Math Example and say that Rod lost only 90 pounds in his first 90 days.

  • Typical Cost/month: $249.00
  • Estimated Cost per Pound lost: $8.30

LayKyn Owczarzak on her Body by Vi 90 Day Challenge!

LayKyn Owczarzak lost 60 pounds on her ViSalus Body by Vi 90 Day Challenge using the ‘Meal Replacement‘ Transformation Kit.

LayKyn says – “The greatest benefit to me personally from doing The Challenge is to know that I’ve gotten my health back, and I will live past 40 and do all the things on my ‘live list.’”

The Math for LayKyn’s 90 Day Challenge using the Transformation Kit at $249.00 and losing 60 pounds in her 90 Days comes to $12.45 per Pound lost.

  • Typical Cost/month: $249.00
  • Estimated Cost per Pound lost: $12.45
Rod & LayKyn’s weight loss stories are not typical, but the ViSalus Product DOES Work… GUARANTEED!

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Even if you were to have ONLY 50% of Rod or LayKyn’s Weight Loss Success, your Cost would still only reach the maximum of $25.00 per Pound lost using the Transformation Kit, which is still much lower than the other programs listed above!

If your weight loss goal is smaller than Rod’s & LayKyn’s, we have a Challenge Kit for you.

This weight loss kit will help you lose an average of 10 pounds per month. This Shape Kit is $99.00 per month or $3.30 per day and is a ‘Meal Replacement‘ weight loss kit, replacing 2 of your Meals each day. Just think of how much money you can save on your Grocery Bill alone!

  • Typical Cost/month: $99.00
  • Estimated Cost per Pound lost: $9.90


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“ViSalus’ members continue to validate that our 90-Day Challenge business model works with their fast-paced lifestyle and helps them achieve their health goals,” stated Ryan Blair, Co-Founder and CEO of ViSalus.

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