At a Frustrated 305+ Pounds – Tom Jones Took Control Back with the Body by Vi 90 Day Challenge!

Tom Jones’ Weight Loss Story Using the Body by Vi 90 Day Challenge!

“I started my first Body by Vi Challenge in 2010, shortly after peaking at 305+ pounds. Embarrassed and frustrated, but determined to change, I lost 19 pounds in my first month!!…and sputtered. Discouraging, but I made a point of learning something from every one of my setbacks…and I simply refused to accept that I was destined to be obese my entire life.

Body by Vi Challenge Success Stories | Tom Jones

In January 2014, I decided to just focus on building good habits. I stayed consistent, though not perfect, and challenged myself. By late summer, I got down to 199 pounds, for a total loss of 106 pounds!! Perhaps even more importantly, I’ve gotten myself to the point that I no longer feel that my weight defines who I am. It has been the hardest thing I’ve ever done, and it…feels…WONDERFUL.”

Tom Jones persevered through the ups and downs of many Challenges and never gave up on his goals.


Never, Never, Never, Give Up!

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Challenge goals can be (or include) weight loss, building lean muscle or improving energy and endurance. Every participant should consider his or her personal circumstances and create goals that are both reasonable and achievable. ViSalus discourages rapid and extreme weight loss, which can actually be unhealthy and emphasizes that safe and sustainable weight loss is never achieved without exercise and sensible eating. Persons with preexisting medical conditions should consult a healthcare professional before embarking on any fitness, health or weight-loss program.


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