140 lbs Total LOST – Diabetes Conquered – The Truelock Family Body by Vi Success Story

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A Successful Family Body by Vi Transformation

Another incredible success story with the 90 Day Challenge…

“The Truelock family took on the Challenge to get healthy and lose weight. Deb (Mom) was very depressed and 100lbs overweight. Results thus far… 95lbs lost and no longer depressed. Rex (Dad) was diabetic and overweight. Goal was to get off meds. He no longer needs to take his diabetes medication plus he has lost 30lbs! Emma (Daughter) – being a teenager is hard enough, but having to be overweight too is even harder.

Body by Vi Family Success Story

As mom began her journey, Emma started making healthier choices. She has lost over 25lbs and even shaved 5 minutes off her mile. She is more confident and healthy. AND now The Truelock’s are a FAMILY CHALLENGE FINALIST with ViSalus!!!”

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It’s amazing how losing a little weight can make you feel along with the health benefits that come with the weight loss.

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