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85+ lbs DOWN – Off ALL 13 Prescription Meds – Body by Vi Success Story Jill Pulos

Body by Vi Success Stories - Jill's Story

“I felt it important to share my Full Story.. I hope someone finds HOPE and the Courage to join the Challenge and Change their whole Life.

After 5 years of incredible stress, husband losing his job and taking a $45,000 pay cut, I had spinal surgery in 2007 after 27 years as a very successful Hair Stylist. I was no longer able to do my passion, doing hair.

I lost my identity, and I developed many medical problems. I had high blood pressure, type II diabetic, insomnia, high cholesterol, severe anxiety, severe depression, agoraphobia, ADHD, metabolic syndrome, chronic fatigue syndrome, chronic pain, and also had fybromyalgia.

May 5th 2012 I wanted to end my life, but I woke up May 6th 2012 and made a decision to make a change, at any cost, I wanted to get healthy, and change my health, and life.

I started eating better, I was never a breakfast eater, so I decided to drink a protein shake for breakfast, but gained weight. They were full of sugar, carbs and tasted NASTY!

My friend was promoting the BodybyVi 90 Day challenge and I started drinking the shakes. I lost 10 pounds the first week. I felt amazing. I had amazing energy too.

So I started to get off of 13 of my prescription drugs with in 30 days of drinking the Shakes and taking the Body by Vi – Vi-PAK.

My first 90 day challenge I lost 55 pounds, and I am on day 50 of my 2nd challenge, I am down over 75 pounds and I have totally changed my life style and eating.

I Eat Totally Clean and I just started working out some. I have severe spinal stenosis, and degenerative disc disease I had my right knee total replacement, I was scheduled for my left knee replacement on November 13th 2012 but I canceled it, losing all the weight, I don’t need it now. So I have every reason to not work out, but I refuse to let my physical problems hinder me, because the more weight I lose, the better my back, neck, and knees feel. Total health happening here. Physically, Mentally, and Spiritually…

My Aha moment was when I was thinking of ending my life, I knew that I was destine for something so much more and I realized that my life was really not over, that it was just beginning into the next chapter, and I was ready to take the step into my destiny and get Healthy.

I am planning on entering the Vi Model competition in July.
I will get my body and health into the BEST Shape possible.

I thank God and I thank Vi The Challenge has Changed my life…

If you are tired of Fad diets, then you need to join the NEW Body by Vi UK 90 day Challenge. It is a life style change every 90 days.

Join The Challenge You will NOT be Disappointed!”

Body by Vi Success Stories - Rick Maharry's Before & After Photo

“First 90 Day Challenge just ended a few days ago. Here is my Final Before And After Photo. My Total Weight and Inches Lost for this 90 Days was: 75 LBS! and 28 INCHES! I started a New 90 day Challenge Monday and My Official Goal is another 75LBS – But In Truth I am Going to Push for 100lbs! Thanks for all the Encouragement…. For those Who are on their own Journey, LET’S DO THIS!!!!!!”

Body by Vi Success Stories - Carrie Green Before & After Photo

Carrie Green
27 years old, mom of 2
Profile: PCOS, Hypothyroidism, sever anemia, and borderline diabetic
Complaints: Weak all the time lack of energy, body aches, lethargy

“Rock bottom!!!! That’s where I found myself nine months ago. I was miserable and many times I begged God to bring me home. I was so tired I felt like I just couldn’t keep going and I was ready to die. I didn’t even recognize the person I had become.

Thank God my sister-in-law and best friend Jamie told me about a 90 Day Challenge she had heard about. I was skeptical at first but I found a local hero and stepped out on faith and contacted him. I found myself crying to a complete stranger and begging for help. I joined the Challenge that very night at the end of January 2012. That stranger is now a wonderful friend. I thank God daily for both Jamie & Eric because I wouldn’t be here with my story.

At times when i look back over the last nine months it seems like a fairy tale. Everyday hasn’t been rainbows and butterflies but with my faith and determination I have overcome the impossible. I love life and I am now able to live it daily. Thanks to God, Vi and my amazing support system I’m alive. Not just physically but mentally, emotionally and spiritually alive!!!

I couldn’t be happier to shout from the roof tops that I’m a member of The Century Club and currently weigh in at 181. I’ve lost 111 lbs. to date.

Thank you God and Vi for my second chance at life. I am so thankful and so very blessed.”

Body by Vi 90 Day Challenge - Before & After Photo

“My wife became very sick in August of 2009 dealing with Neuromyelitis Optica (NMO). She was first unable to digest food, had loss of vision, and was temporarily paralyzed and dependent on wheelchairs and walker. I knew I had to keep getting things done around the house for my wife and kids.

Before I knew it I was weighing over 320 pounds, had no energy and my blood pressure was starting to get up there (146/94).

After hearing about BodyByVi – at first I thought I could not afford it, money was very tight, and felt this will not work for me. Luckily, for me my friend Dominick kept calling me, I decided it was time to get my life back.

I started the Challenge with the shape kit and in my first 90-day challenge I lost 68 pounds, I was under 250 for the first time in years and my blood pressure had dropped to 118/74. I cannot even explain how high my energy level is. It is much easier to handle things at home. I work out harder now than I ever did. I have fallen in love with Vi!”

Darren F.

Body by Vi Success Stories - Tova's Before & After Photo

“My name is Tova 11 short months ago I was well on my way to my death bed almost reaching 400lbs!!! I had tried everything!! I was at that point to where I was completely going to give up on this life I was living… I remember like yesterday praying to god to please help me some way some how…. Oohhh boy and he did!!! I’m on my 4th challenge and been killin it!!!

I’m down 200LBS!!!!!!! THAT’S RIGHT 200lbs down in UNDER 1 year!!!!!!!! THE CHALLENGE HAS GAVE ME THE LIFE I’VE ALWAYS DREAMED!!!! Things I never been able to do I CAN DO THEM NOW!!!things as simple as being able to bend over and tie my shoes and not feeling like I’m going to pass out… It’s a part of life I never experienced before and it truly feels amazing that I found the CHALLENGE. It’s been so much fun being able to not only mentally challenge myself along the way but the physical transformation on the outside that everyone else sees and tells me I’m such a new person on the inside with the same heart!!!! I’m looking forward to my last 50lbs on this challenge!!! I’m so excited If I could leave u with something to gain from my story would be to ” PLEASE NEVER GIVE UP ON THE OTHER TOVAS OUT THERE” touch as many people as possible..Live & LOVE the VI-LIFE”

Body by Vi Success Stories - Before & After Photo

Rod Elliot Lost OVER 100 pounds on His 90 Day Challenge

…and continues to improve his health each and every day.

Rod says, “At 390 pounds I couldn’t do a whole lot of anything. My grandma said she was worried about my weight and that’s when I decided it was time for a challenge in my life.”

Rod attended a Vi Challenge Party and tasted the Vi-Shape Shake for the first time and said to himself, “Really? This is the stuff to help me lose weight? I’m in!”

Body by Vi Success Stories - Doreen Gardner Before & After Photo

Doreen Gardner
100lbs lost in 2.5 challenges!

“Sept 2011 I was told if I didn’t do something about my health I was going to die, I was 30 years old 360lbs with daily blood pressures of 225/115 if they could even get a reading, battling depression because I had given up on life.

My 10 year old son overheard me on the phone talking about it and as I was heading out the door he stopped me, gave me a hug looked me in the face and said “Please don’t die” my heart broke I play the role of mom and dad and found my WHY, he gave me the drive I needed to get out of my own way to fight for my life.”

Body by Vi Success Stories - Obi's Before & After Photo

“One highlight of my 2012 was the 90 day challenge I completed…twice.

I lost 34lbs of fat on my 1st challenge and gained 10lbs of lean muscle on my 2nd challenge.

A much bigger highlight was helping hundreds of people lose THOUSANDS of pounds, get their health back, and even a few were able to get off certain medications related to diabetes and high blood pressure.

This year, the journey continues, except this time around, the amount of pounds we’ll help people lose will be in the TENS of THOUSANDS.”


Body by Vi Success Stories - Guys and Gals Before & After Photos

The 90 Day Challenge isn’t just about losing weight. Maybe you want to tone up, develop lean muscle and just begin eating healthy. Our Vi-Shape protein shakes are perfect!

Whether you have 5 pounds to lose or 100 pounds to Break FREE from….or, if you just want to develop that lean muscle like Obi
or the men and women above…. Body by Vi can help you with the 90 Day Challenge. All you have to do is take that first step.


MORE Body by Vi Testimonials

“I have 11 days left on my challenge and I have dropped a total of 18.5 pounds. I’ve got 11.5 pounds to go to reach my goal of 30 pounds. I’ve gotta work hard and push myself as far as I can go!! I know I can do it, just gotta keep pushing!!!!”

Body by Vi 90 Day Challenge Success Story Testimonial

“I’m down 10.8 pounds in my first 60 days of my challenge! I’m so excited to be 5.6 pounds away from my initial weight goal…and then I can set a new goal…and with how well this program is going for me I KNOW I can do it!!”

Linda O'Conners Body by Vi Success Story Testimonial

“I was feeling sluggish, tired and knew that my daily diet needed to be revamped. I work in a busy medical office and need quick nutritious meals to keep me going without a lot of prep and expense…ViSalus fits the bill!”

Mark Ikegami's Body by Vi Success Story Testimonial

“I actually just joined the 90 Day Challenge because of the program and product, now I’m getting paid and getting free product…. Mahalo RY”

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Body by Vi Success Stories - Danni's Before & After Photo

Body by Vi Success Stories - Before & After Photo

Body by Vi Success Stories - Before & After Photo

Body by Vi Success Stories - Before & After Photo

Body by Vi Success Stories - Before & After Photo