Top 10 Benefits – Why Eating Breakfast is Important!

The Importance of Eating Breakfast!

The Importance of Eating Breakfast

Eating a good breakfast is an important way to get your morning started on the right track. It boosts your energy levels up and removes the usual vulnerability for cravings allowing you to make healthier eating choices throughout your day.

Breakfast is known as the means to break the fasting period from the prior night. For the majority of people, this can mean at least a 12 hour span, usually more, between meals, yet despite the hours without nourishment, they are quick to rush out the door without anything but coffee in hand.

There was a study done that tracked upwards of 10,000 youngsters from teenagers to young adults in their twenties that showed that skipping a healthy breakfast in the morning led to increased numbers of overweight and obese kids and young adults. Not only that, but those that missed out on breakfast had a tendency to stop at fast-food restaurants more often. Both of these mentioned unhealthy behaviors caused them to gain weight.

Eating a Good Breakfast Has its Benefits

Below is a List of Our Top 10 ‘Breakfast Eating’ Benefits.

1. Eating Breakfast Can Give You an Energy Boost to Start Your Day

Every person should start their day off the right way by consuming as many vitamins and other healthy nutrients as possible. The great thing about eating breakfast is that there are so many great combinations of foods that can be considered a super-food with its high nutrient value.

Eggs are a great way to gain proteins and amino acids, plus they are a great source of vitamin D, which is important for absorbing calcium for stronger bones.

Getting your whole days daily source of Vitamin C can many times be gained from your first meal of the day. It can be in the form of whole fruit or juice. Oranges, apples and grapefruits are a common fruit for breakfast.

Whole grains are a great source of fiber which is essential for a healthy heart and digestive tract. It can also help reduce the risk of heart disease, cancer and diabetes. Whether you consume them in the form of bread, cereal or oatmeal, breakfast is one of the best times to enjoy whole grains in your meal.

2. Eating a Good, Healthy Breakfast Can Increase Your Concentration

It doesn’t matter whether you are in school or at work, in order to keep your concentration available for the work in front of you, grab a bite, because the last thing you want on your mind is food. Once the thought of a bowl of hot cereal with a side of yogurt enters your mind, it is difficult to re-direct your thoughts to anything else, especially if you are like me and have a noisy stomach begging to be fed.

By sticking to your plan for eating a good breakfast, you will be able to remain focused and your productivity will remain high until it’s time for lunch.

3. Eating a Good Breakfast Helps Reduces Crankiness

If you lack the DNA like I do to be a morning person, feeling cranky in the morning is pretty much the norm. Many people have mixed feelings for their next step… many times they would like to climb back in bed for a few more minutes of shut-eye, or they would like to call in sick instead of heading in for another busy and stressful day at work.

It seems that much of the person’s cranky feelings are due to them forgetting that their body is begging to be fed. The average person’s body has already gone 12+ hours without food, imagine adding 4 to 6 more hours to the tally. You will be impossible to deal with!

Do yourself and your co-workers or classmates a favor and take the time to eat breakfast before heading out to start your day. This will help you deal with the morning stress and your moodiness.

4. Breakfast is a Metabolism Booster

During your restful night’s sleep, your metabolism will slow down. A good way to jump start your metabolism would be to eat a good breakfast. This will allow your body to start burning calories from the very start of your day, instead of in the middle of it after your lunch.

5. Eating Breakfast Prevents Starvation

While you sleep, your body will not burn many calories. If you were to delay your first meal of the day, your body will go into survival mode and begin storing calories which creates fat. Do yourself a favor and eat a healthy breakfast so your body doesn’t panic and store needless calories.

6. Eating Breakfast Can Help You Keep from Overeating

Considering that your body just finished fasting overnight for 12+ hours, it’s only smart to feed your body when you wake. If you prolong the amount of time from last nights dinner until you eat again, the chances are that when lunch time arrives, the hunger pains will cause you to overeat.

Eating more calories than your body can burn can lead to obesity, and possibly diabetes along with other health complications.

7. Eating a Good Breakfast Will Allow You to Portion Your Meals

Even though you may not feel hungry when you first wake up in the morning, eating a healthy breakfast can actually help you plan and portion your meals for the remainder of the day. This way, you won’t be tempted to skip the nutrition and go on an unnecessary high calorie, fatty food binge.

8. Eating a Good Breakfast will Help Lower the ‘Bad’ Cholesterol

So, why is it important to eat a healthy breakfast? It will help you lower your LDL cholesterol, which is also known as “BAD” cholesterol. When you skip eating a good, healthy breakfast, you have a tendency to start a chain reaction in your body.

  • First… you metabolism will slow down
  • Second… fat can be stored much longer in your body
  • Third… you have greater chances of over-eating and binging
  • Fourth… you gain weight and your LDL cholesterol level increases

9. Breakfast can be the MOST Delicious and Nutritious Part of Your Day

Don’t allow a shortage of time in the morning keep you from enjoying a scrumptious, healthy breakfast. If you need to, wake up an extra 15 minutes earlier or more, so you can start your day right. With the extra time in the morning, you can even have the time for some tasty bacon, sausage links or maybe even some pancakes.

Just make sure you offset your breakfast with a side of highly nutritious cantaloupe or a bowl of fresh fruit.

10. Did You Know that Eating Breakfast can Help You Lose Weight?

One of the greatest benefits of partaking in breakfast is that you can lose weight by doing so. Many people have the misconception that skipping breakfast will actually help them lose weight… NOT So!

Many studies have shown that increased weight is commonly associated with passing up breakfast. Even if your breakfast is not the most healthy choice you could have made, you will still have the entire day to make up for it.

Closing Comments About Why Eating Breakfast is SO Important

Eating a good breakfast is a healthy and nutritious way to jump-start your day. Eating breakfast will refuel your body from its overnight, hibernation stage. It will also enhance your mood, improve your concentration, help you maintain a healthy weight and is the foundation of a healthy life. Eating a healthy diet can provide you with benefits that can last the entire day.

For me, I have never been much of a breakfast eater. My usual breakfast has consisted of drinking coffee until lunch time. But not anymore; I have found an alternative to skipping breakfast for my fast paced life.

Follow the link to find out how I got back on track for eating a healthy breakfast, and am much healthier for it. I’ve lost 10 pounds and am feeling great… Check out MY breakfast of champions!

The END!

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